So I spent a few days in Marbella, and actually surprised myself. I've never really been interested in visiting there, it's not on my list (you know you all have one). For me it has a bit of a reputation which doesn't appeal, but I had hen duties to fulfill. So a hens gotta do what a hens gotta do, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad I did it.

I was there for a few days, and didn't expect it to be so beautiful, or to enjoy myself so much. Yes it has all the clubs and drunk Brits you would expect. But it also has amazing views and great places to chill and eat, plus the beach is nice!

Thinking about it now it was like the first time I visited Ibiza, I also had misconceptions and ended up loving the island. I guess it's a life lesson in not judging a book by its cover. I would imagine their is so much more to see and do, so I guess Marbs has totes entered my list as somewhere I would deffo return. xx

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