The boys decided to take their ladies out on the town over the weekend, so we headed to +The Shard for a double date night. We rocked up at the bar wondering if we'd sent each other memos, the boys donning white shirts and blue jackets while myself and Hels both threw on our LBDs. Needless to say we had a giggle, guess it's always cute to co-ordinate unexpectedly.

We visited the Oblix restaurant, and the water explained to us that it is based around a New York kitchen. I'm probably not explaining it right, but basically there is an open kitchen and lots of produce on show. I have also visited the other restaurant Aqua Shard on a previous occasion and would say I definitely prefer Oblix, the vibe is a little younger and the food has Asian influences which appeals to me personally.

I ate a prawn dish which was packed with flavour (as where all the sides) which at times became a little overwhelming, but still very good. We had a lovely evening catching up and eating, a stand out dish for everyone was the octopus and avocado starter, serious yum points for that!


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