worth £30 or nah...?
The weekends adventures took us to +Harrods and we found our way (after a couple wrong turns) to The Burger Bar. We wanted to try out the lobster roll after seeing some mouth watering images on Instagram - the power of social media!! I love anything in a bun, so needless to say I was pretty excited. We waited patiently for our food to arrive and when it did I realised quite quickly that some things just look better on +Instagram. Not that it didn't look yum it was just much smaller than I expected, considering it cost almost £30 I expected more than just a hot dog sized roll. In all honesty I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole experience, I thought the bun didn't taste fresh (although the boy said it was fine) and there was literally about four pieces of lobster in the roll. I love spending money on good food, but I feel Harrods isn't offering value for money, or any kind of special experience to warrant the price tag, which probably explains why there was only about eight other diners in the restaurant. To ease our disappointment we headed downstairs to the food hall to buy cakes to eat in bed later, doesn't everyone do that...??


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