Some time last year the boy handed me this pink cardboard box and proudly told me I would no longer have to buy makeup wipes. Admittedly I was dubious and thanked him in that awkward way you have to when your other half buys you a random gift. I opened it, saw a pink cloth, admired the colour (thinking he knows me so well) and didn't really give it much thought again. Things changed a few days later, after returning from a night out instead of reaching for my makeup remover I decided (with much scepticism) to try out this pink cloth. I didn't have high hopes, but tickle me pink! boy did this thing work. The cloth is a funny micro fiber type material which you have to get wet, the water simultaneously soaks the cloth and runs off it. It's super duper soft and feels fantastic on your skin. I really thought this would be some fad product, but I have to admit it is really excellent it takes off all your make up and leaves your face feeling really clean, all with just water!! Since getting it I have Googled them and you can buy them in the UK here, whilst not as cheap as a pack of makeup removers you will clearly make long term savings. On the downside (their are always some cons) the cloth does get pretty dirty after removing all your make up and needs to be thrown in the washing machine to be cleaned, which is a little inconvenient if you plan to use it daily. For me it is not an issue as I don't wear makeup everyday so it is always clean when I need it, that being said I still think it is a great little product that I would deffo recommend. Hope this was a helpful Haute Tip xo

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