They don't serve burnt eggs, that's just how my friend likes them. 

On Sunday we hotfooted it across town to East London and headed to Hotbox to celebrate my sisters birthday with a boozy brunch. We settled in, ordered some drinks and took a look at the menu, between us all we had most if not all veggie dishes on the menu, and not one dish disappointed.
The food was delicious, I can quite confidently say that the pancakes are the best I've had. The truffle toast was crazy good, the mac'n'cheese was excellent and the avocado and corn toast was packed with flavour. I do have meat eating friends who made the same sounds eating their food as I did so I know it's a winner all round, Hot box has the brunch crown.

Slightly tipsy and with bellies full of happiness my sister opened her presents and we wrapped our brunch up with some yummy cakes the boy had picked up that morning from Harrods. We thanked the seriously lovely staff and made our way towards Brick lane to enjoy the late afternoon sun and the endlessly amusing sights of East London. xx


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