Every now and then I stubble across a restaurant that captures my interest and swiftly enters the top end of my 'list', The Ninth was one of those restaurants. Calls where placed, a table was booked and before I knew it I was on Charlotte Street in search of this little eatery. Following a warm welcome, food was ordered, I'd heard about the gnocchi and on arrival it didn't disappoint, delicious and hearty. The beetroot tart was a dessert like side, sweet yet savory, I was enamoured! The freshly baked bread is possibly the best starter. It was a real treat, but then something went wrong! Some dishes came lukewarm, well most did and we began to think that's how they did things in The Ninth. Sadly we found out it wasn't and our bellies suffered the next day. So now I'm torn. The food was good in the moment but clearly turned out to be bad, but yet it was still good. So now I'm swaying somewhere on a fence wondering if The Ninth is all it's cracked up to be. x

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