Top: H&M | Shorts: H&M | Bag: Aldo | Shoes: Public Desire 
Let me start by saying this shirt is amazeballs, literal all around goodness. High neck, bell sleeves and sheer crinkles it's the daddy of shirts, I want to wear it with endless outfits. It's the kind of shirt that would be sold in Zara or Mango for three or four times the price and you would still be happy you bought it, trust me, check out the price you will be as surprised as I was. I do love this shirt, it's practical and pretty one of my favourite combinations. It can been worn for work and play, which again ticks boxes and it's adorned in my current faves - bell sleeves, which incidentally may be the reason some of you won't like it. However I find that impossible, bell sleeves are winning. xx

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