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30 day detox 

A part of me wants to apologise to you guys for being that girl who's promoting a 'skinny tea'. My moral compass points me in a direction that tells me to build women and girls up to love themselves and not push fads or gimmicks onto them that basically encourage shortcuts or lead to a negative self image, because you are beautiful ladies - let me tell you that! And while all of that is 100% true about who I am, another part of me gets pulled into this Instagramable generation and is very curious to find out, does this stuff even work? Lets be real guys, you're never going to be 'skinny' from just drinking a tea and it sure as hell won't tone your thighs or butt so don't read this post hoping to be sold a dream, I just don't get down like that. But what I will share with you is my honest opinion and experience - what you do with it is up to you. 

Teami gifted me my 30 day detox package which included two teas, teami skinny and teami colon and a tumbler. The teami skinny is a loose leaf tea which I drank everyday, the colon tea is to be drank every other day before bed, I downloaded the teami app which takes a few details on height and weight etc and sends reminders to your phone to drink your teas, which I found super helpful. I actually finished my teami 30 day detox a few weeks back and just haven't had a chance to write this post, I'm usually really bad at sticking to things so I surprised myself by completing my detox, here's how it went.

Week 1: 
Day one I made my first skinny tea, I was worried I wouldn't like the taste but honestly I liked it, I never added any honey or sweeteners and found the taste to be a bit like a mild green tea. I made my skinny teas in the morning in my tumbler and if I was out and about that day I took my tumbler with me, which I loved! On the evening of day two I drank my first colon tea, this one comes in a tea bag and you are advised to not let it brew for too long, for good reason (more on that later) the colon tea is a bit bitter but once again I didn't mind the taste. Day three started in a mad dash to the toilet, apologies in advance for the TMI, but like I said this was gonna be  honest. I had some serious cramps (which I didn't enjoy) and then the poops came and I realised and felt why the tea was called colon tea. I drank my morning skinny tea and I did feel my stomach ease a little and then started my day feeling pretty darn empty.

Week 2:
By the start of the second week I noticed that my skin was breaking out and I do think it was due to the toxins leaving my body. I am lucky to have generally good skin so the breakout wasn't terrible and it lasted about a week, but my skin looked better after. During week two I also noticed that my stomach didn't cramp every other morning, which was excellent as this is what I disliked about the whole detox. Some nights I was scared to drink the colon tea as I didn't want to experience the cramps in the morning.

Week 3:
The app was really useful by now and my tumbler was my bestie, some days I lost track of my tea intake so found the app super helpful in reminding me to drink my tea. My tumbler played a big role in this also as most mornings I had to rush out so being able to drink my tea on the go was the best, especially as it got colder it was nice having a warm drink. I also refiled my skinny tea throughout the day drinking it 3-4 times each day as I really enjoyed the taste. My night time tea was being brewed for a lot longer as my body was getting used to it. Once I'd gone to the toilet in the mornings after my colon tea I didn't have to go again, apart from one eventful day I ate a Five Guys and suffered some serrrious cramps in the shopping center - luckily I made it home in time but later I was thinking that it probably had something to do with the fact that the food was so unhealthy.

Week 4:
I was running out of skinny tea, clearly I was too generous with my spoons in the first few weeks. By now I was keeping the colon tea bags in the whole time I drank the tea, and some evenings looked forward to knowing I would feel empty the next morning, even more so when I had a big bowl of pasta (that's my weakness) I was aware that my stomach was visibly flatter and had been probably since the end of week 2. 

So lets get to the numbers, before I started the detox I was feeling very heavy, and really was. I weighed just over 10 stone which isn't that much in general for my height, but because I am the laziest woman on earth who loves bread and pasta and doesn't workout, I try and stay under 10 stone to fit in my clothes. By the end of the programme I lost 4 pounds which isn't really a great deal. But on starting the detox you are advised to eat healthy and work out a few times a week, I did neither. Honestly I eat quite healthy in general and make as many vegetarian and vegan choices as possible but during the time I did the detox I ate really, really badly. It wasn't intentional but in a way I'm glad I did as it allowed me to measure my progress more accurately.

These days everyone is looking for a quick fix, we live in such an accessible time that people hardly want to put in the work, which is sad but true. But with that said we also live such busy lives that we could all welcome with open arms something to aid us in maintaining balance in our lives. The main ingredient in the colon tea is senna, which is a laxative. So I know I wouldn't promote drinking the tea on a continuous basis. BUT, I would recommend it for different occasions. For example I would 100% use the tea while on holiday, as my stomach was flat during the period I was detoxing, I would also use it if I had an event or occasion coming up and I needed to fit into a dress. It's also perfect for times like now when you have over indulged for a few days (or weeks in my case) and want to get rid of the bloat. I would detox for a week or even less depending on how I was feeling. 

To summarise, becuase this is getting on a bit. Yes, I would recommend the teami 30 day detox, it was a positive experience for me and you could adapt it to fit your needs. You may not need 30 days but could do two or four shorter detoxes from the one pack over different periods. Or the full 30 day programme could be the perfect kick start to aid you in your weightloss. What ever option you choose, it is 100% not a long term solution and I recommmend even more having a balanced and healthy lifestyle which includes physical excercise - thats your long term solution. But it is a new year, and the time that everyone gets back in the gym and vows to get in shape, so if you have been considering a detox then I hope I have given you enough information to make an informed decison. Check them out here and use my discount code HAUTELIFE10 to save some coins. Have a happy and healthy new year people. xxx

This post was sponsored by Teami, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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