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What is it about the start of the New Year that gets everyone so hopeful and excited about change and making plans for the future? I guess if there is ever a time to make new plans and set goals then the new year is a good place to start. On New Years eve I felt giddy with excitement about all the possibilities that 2017 had in store, because lord knows I'd had enough of 2016. Ok, possibly a bit dramatic, but on a very personal level I don't feel like 2016 was my year. I'm of an age were I feel like I should have my ish together, and on some levels I do. I own a property, my own car and have money in the bank BUT still at times feel lost about what direction I want to take my life in. The start of the year marks a new opportunity to set goals and work towards them, something I did in 2016 but failed miserably at achieving (I spent all of 2016 procrastinating about starting YouTube) The reality is I (or you) could do that all over again because no matter how many Instagram posts we 'like' about having 12 new chapters and 365 days to write a new story we are already six days into the new year, so ask yourself - what have I done differently?

Really 2016 wasn't as bad as I initially made out. I saw more of the world, shared great experiences with my family and loved ones, worked with brands I would never have thought imaginable in 2015 and to top it all off my sister gave birth to twins at the end of the summer, which hands-down is my highlight of 2016 / my life. Those too little love bugs put a lot into perspective and spurred me on to be a better person for someone other than myself - but ultimately for myself, because well, I want to make them proud.

So now I've put it out there I guess there is no going back. And even though it may scare me a little (a lot), isn't that what life is all about - facing our fears! Because if you never give up... you can never really fail. You can want to have the best 2017 but how are you going to make that happen? This year I'm making myself uncomfortable - I don't mean in the physical sense but by stepping out of my comfort zone, sharing more, comparing less, being less critical of myself and my work and just bloody well doing it - what ever that may be. Because after all, nothing changes if nothing changes. My moto for this year is, if I wouldn't have done it in 2016, then I'm gona do it in 2017 - I hope you all join me. xxx


  1. Love this post hun! It's weird as we all measure success differently and when we achieve certain things we all want more. What I did in 2016 was wrote down all the things I achieved in 2016 (was a page full - yay go me), things I want to achieve in 2017, organising myself better and business ideas. This definitely helps with not beating yourself up about things you haven't done and just focusing on what you can do to achieve it!

    You're doing well keep at it.

    Zeena - xx

    P.s I've been procrastinating in regards to youtube for over 5 years! HAHA!

    1. Go you indeed!! - I love your advice deffo going to take it on board. Thanks for the love I look forward to all the things we both achieve in 2017.

      Lol, glad to know I'm not the only one. You gotta start youtube now, we both sould!


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