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Oh hello pretty new blog! Guys can you see we have had a little bit of a face lift over here - it was well overdue. We used pipdig as they have some really beautiful templates that transition seamlessly into Blogger and are super simple to set up (I did it all myself). It was something I wanted to do last year, but as you guys all learnt from this post I wasn't doing the most in 2016. So far we are loving it and it couldn't have come at a better time because I needed something to get my creative juices flowing. For me being a blogger during the winter months is the absolute hardest. Most days shooting an outfit is the last thing I want to do and when it's this cold fashion goes out the window and I start playing the layer game. The winter really does get me down and on those really grey days I fight the urge to crawl back under my duvet and hide away from it all. Plus it doesn't help that one scroll through Instagram takes me to an LA based blogger with a beautiful sun lit feed - the struggle is real people, the struggle is real. But what is life with out it's challenges? Despite some of the more than first world problems, starting a blog is one of the best decisions we made, even with its struggles. 

I get asked lots of questions about starting a blog - my number one piece of advice is JUST DO IT! I procrastinated about starting my blog for years and look where that got me - nowhere. Even if just you and your family only ever read your blog (which won't be the case) you will be glad you made it. I love scrolling through old posts and having a good giggle at myself (hit the archive button if  you want to giggle along with me). But yeah, just do it - decide what you want to write about (it can be anything, as long as you love it) and start typing, you can worry about the mistakes later - that's what I do. 

I put all the same barriers up that you are probably doing, "I'm not good at writing", "I don't know where to start." If you can talk you can blog, I write like I'm talking to my friends - because that's how I see you guys (this didn't come naturally). A handy tip is to record what you want to write then write that down, stops you forgetting what you wanted to say. It's 2017 and you have access to the internet, not knowing how to start something isn't an excuse. When we started our blog I did everything myself and even learnt some basic coding, Youtube is your friend people. I use Blogger because it looked easier and turned out it is super simple, but they do only have very basic templates. That's what we used all this time and it worked until we felt the commitment was real enough to start spending money. 

Blogging is a commitment so I wouldn't advise spending money on starting up if you don't see yourself doing it in a years time, but it is totally up to you if you want to spend money on a designer or use a template from pipdig as we did. So get cracking (yes best I mean you too) and bring your blogging dreams to life. Worst case scenario you press delete on the whole thing and move onto something else. What ever you do remember it's your little space on the internet so you can do as you damn well please - just probably best to keep it clean and legal, good luck. xx


  1. Love the advise!! Am glad you took the steps even though you had uncertainty. There's some good things in store for you. :) xxx

    1. Awww thank you, such a nice comment. Thank you for your positivity, I'm glad you liked the advice xxx

  2. Literally what I needed to hear ( well read). I just started a blog and i can see myself doing this for the rest of my life. BUT, I've been feeling a bit discouraged. Im using word press and Im finding a little difficult to get my page looking the way I want it to, with al the plug in and not know how to work then properly. UGH it just gets sooo daunting most times. Can I just ask, how do you decide what to write and when to write and post ? do you pre schedule your post ? for instance , today you're going to write about fashion and beauty. Tomorrow lifestyle and lustlist. sorry If this is a bit much lol i'm just a struggling blogger trying to get it together.

    P.S I absolutely love your blog and instagram. You are a true inspiration

    1. Shae, thank you for such a lovely message. Just keep going babe. It's still daunting for me at times. But it's worth it.

      If you haven't already try buying a template like the one I've mentioned or things like square space do have free ones you could check out. It might help you in getting things to look the way you want.

      I'm a bad blogger I really should plan / schedule but I usually just write from the heart and what's on my mind at the time. It's really what works best for you.

      It will all come to you and work out organically over time, trust me. Just keep at it. Be as consistent as possible but enjoy it.

      Lots of love and good luck,
      Louise ❤️❤️❤️


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