Joggers: Nike | Body: Zara (similar) | Jacket: ASOS | Choker: ASOS | Boots: Zara (similar)
I have a big sister so the majority of my life involved raiding her wardrobe for the things that basically, I couldn't afford. And when I could afford them and my wardrobe became (if I do say so myself) the more poppin of the two, I still continued to raid hers because she is practical and buys sensible items that I hate spending money on. But since she's moved out to be a mama I continue to have an ongoing desire to wear a wardrobe that isn't mine, enter stage left - the boy. I've worn my brothers and the boys clothes for years, because who wants to actually spend money on a hoddie or trackie bottoms? Not me! I usually wear his hoodies when I'm bumming about but since the summer, following a weekend trip to St Tropez that turned into a week and faced with running out of my clothes. I've slowly slipped his clothes into my everyday wardrobe, which is pretty handy because if you haven't gathered by now I'm all about the sharing is caring life. xx

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