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Writing about the weather is so mundane, like the smallest of small talks but sometimes the weather can play a vital role in your day and just your general well-being, well in my opinion anyway. The very sight of the sun makes my day better and I've always said I'm a child of the sun (that probably has something to do with me being half Zimbabwean.) There are very few things that bring the overwhelming happiness to my heart that the sunshine does. I absolutely love waking up to the sunshine, feeling it on my skin and just generally soaking up the warmth, even when its chilly outside.

The winter months are very much a struggle for me. Although I've never had an official diagnosis, I honestly believe I suffer with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and during the winter fight the urge on almost a daily basis to not curl up in my duvet at any given opportunity. There is that brief period in the winter that things are ok (usually just before the holiday) people have that holiday cheer, then Christmas passes and everyone is just depressed, a little over weight and generally broke. If the winter lasted a month or two it would make sense to me why people like it but since it doesn't. I actually have no clue why people like winter (I guess different strokes and all that) but this isn't a winter moan, this is a hallelujah for the sunshine because for me summer lovin is a no-brainer. 

So yes, mundane as it may be the sunshine brings so much to mine and no doubt many of your day to day lives. If you live in London you will probably have noticed that Londeners have started smiling again, the heavy coats may not have been compelety shed, but sure as hell the zips and buttons are undone. So here is my offical hello to Mr sunshine, I'm ready for you to wear you hat (idealy forever) but a few months would be amazing. xx

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