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In my last post I talked about being a sensible shopper and because my sensible nature is reflective in all aspects of my life, I thought I'd share with you some top tips when making a luxury purchase - especially if your considering your first one. 

First things first, ALWAYS do your research and DON'T impulse buy - I have a pair of £700 pound shoes catching dust in my wardrobe :(

Don't feel pressure, people can be intimidated by luxury stores, like no shade but remember those people just work there, the same way someone just works in Primark. Even if your just going in to take a look - go and take a look. 

Remember, a lot of luxury retailers don't offer the same returns policy as your high street stores - sometimes a refund isn't possible.

Think about the cost per wear (apply this to all your purchases ideally) This is one formula not taught at school, but actually worth knowing. 
CPW = Total cost of the item \ Number of days you will wear it 
Simply put, if I buy a jacket for £20 and wear it once, it's really just £20 wasted (even if I told myself £20 is a bargain for a jacket) if I waited a few weeks and bought the jacket I really wanted for £200 but wore it 40 times, it works out as £5 per wear - my kind of numbers!

Be realistic, this relates back to CPW. If your going to buy a bag, think about what you will use that bag for and will it fit all the things you generally carry around. If it is a pair of heels, but you only wear heals once every three months, is that really the best way to spend your money?

Give it a whirl - make sure you try (more than once if you can) the item your buying to make sure its right for you. High-end doesn't equal comfort or the best user experience, some Louboutins are know for being very, very uncomfortable.

You can't buy style, even the designers get it wrong. People with money and expensive things, don't always get it right. When making your choices try classic styles and colours to get the most out of an item.

Most importantly, shop within your means. Yes, high-end products are lovely to have, but a healthy bank balance and no stress is even nicer. Do not buy things you can't afford, save and keep saving until you can buy that item and still pay all your bills. You will enjoy it even more that way. 

If a bag is on your lust list, see what Bagista has in store for more affordable options, plus use my discount code 'HAUTEONLIFE' to save some money. Happy sensible shopping guys. xxx

Oh P.S. The trench I'm wearing has gone on sale - it's gorgeous, trust me. x

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