Dress: H&M | Jacket: H&M | Trainers: ASOS | Sunglasses: Ebay 
So the weather is playing ball again, which means I am in the best of spirits and my skin is getting darker. The browner I'm getting the more I'm drawn towards red, I'm actually lovin it! I think it might be my summer 17' colour, it's so vibrant and has me feeling like the emoji (you know the one). When we shot this look the ice cream man gave me a free ice cream. He told us he just wants people to be happy and to say a pray for him. Such a simple sweet gesture, really makes you value the power of kindness. We really have no clue what people deal with on a daily basis, even if on the outside everything looks great, inside they could be falling apart. So if your reading this make the next thing you do an act of kindness, even if it's to yourself. A simple smile, an offer to make a coffee, giving a complimenting or a text to a friend or family member to tell them you love them, could make all the difference to someones day. Thank you Mr ice cream man, your kindness was the highlight of my day. So this one is for you, I hope life treats you well. xx

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