Jeans: Zara | Top: H&M | Bag: H&M | Sandals: Primark (similar) | Sunglasses: Ebay
If you know me personally you will know I'm not here for that exercise life and would much rather lay down than sit up. The first time I joined a gym I was at uni, it was practically free and right next to Nandos, so I'd go there before picking up a burger and two sides. I acutally told the PT I was joining because I needed to grow some muscles as my younger brother was getting older and stronger and I couldn't beat him up as well as I used to. I would roll into the gym as my sister rolled her eyes in shame, lol. She would walk like 5 steps in front of me because I would be wearing the most hidious get up, whlist she had on some proper Nike leggings and a sports bra. Well, she was the fool because who buys clothes for the gym! I basically wore my pajamas and had more money to spend on Nandos. Cha ching!

Five possibly eight years later I joined the gym again, this time with a friend. It was one of those memberships you could cancel after a month, I maintained at least three. I will be honest, I'm one of those lucky people who had (not anymore) a 4 pack while eating a Big Mac. I've been slim / skinny my whole life (other than that brief blip at uni), but the further I got into my 20's the more that 4 pack was turning into rolls. The past few months I've been hitting the local park and working out there. At first I felt awkward but now I have a little routine going on and I've even got the boy involved. I've honestly had a totally different out look this time and if you can believe I realised having actual gym wear plays a hand in actually motivating you (who knew). I've been getting a lot of my active wear from Tokyo Laundry, they are affordable and have some cute styles which works for me.

So, I basically told you this long story becuase that working out life isn't for me. Also if you know me personally you will also know that my stories are very long, so much so that people often tell me they will starting listening when I get to the point. So the point is - I can do it and I have, what's even more crazy is that I'm enjoying it. I know the weather is playing a massive role, as the long evenings and sunny morinings are motivating me to get my ass in the park, but I'm hopeful I will maintiain it. It has felt so good to see the small changes, urrgh and trust me they are so small sometimes I'm like what's the point. But it's worth it and It's having an impact on my wardrobe. I'd bascially banished all tight / crop tops to the back of my wardrobe, but now I'm pulling them all back out and loving how sassy I feel. I try to work out 3/4 days a week, sometimes more. When I'm feeling lazy I stay indoors and use YouTube or my own routine. I actually enjoy waking up on the weekends and going to the park before starting my day. Lets see how it goes guys, its looking more promising than my previous attempts and as cheesy as it sounds, I feel better about myself. xx


  1. I'm not a fan of working out myself, but I'm trying! Love the outfit. Red suits you!

  2. Trying is all you can do. Keep going babe. Thank you ❤️❤️

  3. Beautiful as usual. Love the post

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