Jeans: New Look (Similar) | Lace Body: Oh Polly | Blazer: Primark | Boots: Lola Shoetique | Sunglasses: Rayban

I wasn't even sure if I would share this look on here. I shot it a few weeks back and looked at the pictures and didn't like what I saw. Mainly my outfit, I had liked it a few hours earlier then suddenly I was over it. Does that happen to anyone else? Nevertheless I shared a pic on the gram and it had a decent response - you guys liked it. Instagram is a funny ol' place, sometimes the things or more specifically pictures I love don't get the reception I thought. Which basically means they don't get much likes. Much, is all relative but for me a picture with 500 or less likes means it didn't go down well. Which when you think about it is crazy because I remember the days I would like my own picture to take it to double figures.

When I put a ton of effort into a shoot - scouting the perfect location, styling and posing my lil ass off. Sometimes the response isn't what I expected. But then I take a picture in a Zara mirror, while waiting on my brother and that picture get 8 thousand likes. Mad! Like I said Instagram is a funny ol' place, still it is what makes it exciting. You never know the power of your pictures or how people are going to respond to what you put out there. So I've put this look up here by popular demand - that's not even true I just liked it as a title. Lol xx

P.S - HAUTE20 gets you 20% off Lola Shoetique they are kinda dope - thank me later x


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