My sister isn't on ANY forms of social media, like none, zero, zilch! Alongside her fiance they live in a social media free home. Crazy I know rite! She had no idea (until I told her) who Cardi B was or what it means to say "Man's Not Hot". She gets her kicks from looking at peoples WhatsApp profile pics and some days I envy her so much.

Prior to starting my blog I also wasn't on social media, I had a Facebook account years ago which I deleted once I became a teacher. I vividly remember deleting that account, thinking I will reactivate it in a few weeks/months. But as the weeks/months passed I never had the urge to 'poke' anyone again and in all honesty I felt kind of relieved - it was one less thing I needed to worry about. That was 10 years ago, over the years I would meet new people who would be shocked when I would say I wasn't online. Having social media is so normal that people like my sister are the strange ones when they have none. I'm an 80's baby, my generation didn't grow up sharing and sexting playing snakes and making phone calls when 121 had free calls (if you know you know) was the highlight of having my phone.

I remember when Instagram started, I was not interested in that either. But here I am 10 years later, one blog and all kinds of doing it for the gram, and to this day I still struggle with the whole thing. I struggle with the idea of knowing how much is too much. How much of myself do I want to put on the internet, how much of my life do I want to share. There is this one part of me that says don't do it Louise! Which if you read my blog you will know is one of the main reasons I procrastinated for years about starting it. But then there is this other part that knows how fantastic all these platforms are. Through them I have made in real life friends, money and connections. Things that wouldn't have been possible without the internet and social platforms.

That being said, whether it's Twitter, Snap chat or Instagram, social media is truly addictive. I find myself mindlessly picking up my phone throughout the day for absolutely no reason at all, very quickly falling into a Instagram hole. By the end of it I can question all aspects about my self, life, home, diet, bloody EVERYTHING! Without knowing a dam thing about the person/people I have spent the best part of 30 mins comparing myself too. For what and why? Obviously there is no reason, and I find that aspect of social media to be ugly, scary and at times worrying.

When I'm with my sister and nephews I very rarely check my phone let alone go on Instagram. It is actually super refreshing, hours will pass and I will realise I haven't even cared or thought about picking up my phone. It is a constant reminder that being in the moment and living your life in real life and not on a screen is incredibly important. Despite everything, the good, the bad, the ugly but sometimes beautiful. Do try your hardest to take a break from social media, catch up with a friend, have a chit-chat, sit in silence or go for a run. Whatever you choose do it free of social media, I think the term the internet has coined is 'Digital Detox'. Whether it's for an hour, a day or a week, try it! It's good for your mind, body and soul but most importantly your thumbs. xx

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