SO here it is, my second instalment. Sorry it has taken longer than expected, if you haven't read part 1 you can find it (here). In a very welcomed change to the usual posts, let me introduce you to a bunch of babes I've crossed paths with either in real life or online, who have kindly shared some nuggets of advice. I've linked all their socials, so get to know them if you haven't already. 

Be really active on instagram in terms of commenting, liking and following other people accounts as I’ve had so many people message me saying they found my account through me commenting on someone else’s photo and it’s always nice to support other bloggers and build relationships with them. I was also speaking to a PR girl the other day and she said the number one way she discovers new accounts to work with is through comment sections! Second tip is to use all the Instagram features so story’s, carrousel posts, posting videos, IGTV etc, as Instagram will always favour accounts that use all the features and are more likely to put you on the explore page as a suggested user. Third tip would be to have a second platform like a blog or YouTube so there’s more than one way people could discover you. Hashtags are a bit hit and miss but worth posting in your comment section! On some posts I’ll only get like 300 impressions from them but on others I could get 4000!

Post good quality pics and often as you can. Make content whenever and wherever you can. Engage as much as you can without getting a headache (me). Make blogger friends and like the followers pics of accounts similar to yours. Finally, don’t give up! 

Post, post, post! Try to post the best content you have. And different content all the time so people see your new and creative side and are curious to see what’s next. Also see what kind of post work for you. For me it’s mainly makeup videos so I try to focus on that because that gives me the most engagement, and engagement will make you grow.
I think right now it’s become harder then ever to grow a following. People are so aware that influencers are now getting paid for things, and there’s a lack of support which shows through paid advertisements. But I’d say, staying consistent, keeping it real, posting to stories and engaging with your audience are my top tips! I always reply to comments & DM’s and feel that allows my audience to understand me better.

Staying consistent has been one of my biggest things. I post once or twice a day and haven’t had a day off since I started! Also engaging with other accounts daily and doing something different. For me bringing a slightly different style has helped me grow. I want people to look at the outfits I wear and think they will feel powerful if they wear them, that’s why I never smile in my images as I want to portray a strong independent woman. Also I always choose locations no one will really go to. 

Being consistent is key and knowing the kind of following you have. I love to look at new followers' profiles and have a look at what they post.  It's all about keeping people interested as well as staying true to yourself and finding the balance.

Consistency and engagement! I consistently post and engage with everyone who comments on my post, whether it be liking some photos back or replying to their comment when I can. I also think it is important to create your own brand/something you can be recognised for. My feed is colourful, bright, smiley and happy. That is how I want to be recognised, so when people are scrolling down their homepage they will see my image and realise it's me without even really looking properly, if that makes sense. 

I try to engage with all my followers and all my comments. I talk to my audience so they understand who I am as a person and gage my personality.
I think consistency is key! People like to see something new every day! Ever since I changed up my content to having something new every day instead of 3 pics of the same outfit, my followers are growing a lot! Also I find using Insta stories frequently and engaging with your audience through it is super helpful, using relevant hashtags and location tags. This is where most of my engagement happens. 

I would definitely say engage. If you don’t reply to people that are following you, why would they stay. If they are asking you questions or leaving nice comments also reply back. As well as engaging with fellow bloggers as it shows support and people will click on your profile through others. It takes time, there’s no right or wrong answer to this. It will never happen overnight (unless you’re shared by someone who has 22 million followers) but other people will see the amount of work you put in and will appreciate the fact you’re doing so. Be present in the community, make friends & if you get the opportunity to go to events, speak to people!

My top tip would be get involved with your niche by commenting/liking and just being social on social.
My tips would be posting consistently, knowing your style and listening and engaging with your audience.

So that's a wrap, thank you to all the lovely ladies that contributed to this post. I hope you all enjoyed it and it helps in someway. As Sherrie said, there is no right or wrong answer, and for those that think it is easy or can happen over night - it can, but that is very rare. The reality is you have to put in the work to see the results, but do try to have fun while you are doing it. Good luck. xx

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