Hauteonlife will be bringing you regular instalments of HauteHair featuring some of the interesting and inspiring people I work with as part of my job as a celebrity hairstylist.


This weeks HauteHair features entrepreneur Saudi Prince, Fahad F Saud (A.K.A YoloFahad)Fahad's a regular client who is very particular about his shave. Fahad loves to experiment with his hair styles and colour (coloured by Daniel Moon). As you can see he's gone for a combination of blue, violet, silver and blonde mixed with his own natural brown regrowth. Fahad generally leaves it up to me to be as creative as possible with his haircut and shave. This week I've gone for a skin fade round the back and sides of his head and as it's November I've incorporated a Movember style moustache which we will keep until December. 

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