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You guys know I'm a lazy so there's not many things that will get me out of my bed before 9 am on a Sunday morning - but Dishoom is one of them. I've wanted to try the breakfast for the longest time so when my sister said she had booked a table for her and a friend, like any good sister I invited myself. We had an 11 am reservation in Shoreditch and it was buzzing with people. I'm a brunch kinda gal so to see all these people out and about before midday was a real treat. I ordered the sausage naan roll, which was deeelicious so is the bacon and egg naan. If I had any criticism the beans are a tad watery and not very spicy - I make a mean spicy beans. But that aside the food was yummy, it was super affordable, they do bottomless chai and the plates are so pretty - just look at those cute lil animals. You can book here for breakfast or lunch, get down for breakfast and make the day of it like we did. xx 

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