From top left: Ruffled Blouse | Bikini top | Skirt | Floral Bag | Jeans | Floral Jacket | Nude Body | Shirt | Velvet Body |
Denim Skirt | Red Blouse | Trousers | Striped Shirt | Red Bag | Floral Skirt | Jumper 
I feel like if I could take a picture of my spring/summer wardrobe then this would be it. A mix of basics, colours and patterns, I litterally want to buy everything on this page. Well I've already made a good start but trying not to be too hasty as it basically still feels like its winter. H&M doesn't get enough ratings if you ask me, I love them more and more every season. Oh and if you buy anything for this summer make it a denim skirt, you can thank me later.  P.S. I've just noticed a few of these things are on sale, plus H&M is doing 20% off basics. Happy Friday beautiful people. xx

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