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Today is my birthday, which had me in a reflective mood. What I've done and the things I've learnt in the last five, ten years sometimes surprises, scares and astounds me. At times I am incredibly proud of myself and other times disappointed. I used to believe the older I got the more I would have everything in life figured out, but I've come to the realisation that it can be quite the opposite. One of the biggest lessons I've learnt in life is that nothing stays the same and I often remind myself of this in times of sadness but also when I'm happy. 

I know now more than ever that life is a lesson, and lord knows I'm still learning. But that's just me, what about other people? I wanted to find out what the benefit of time and hindsight had done for the perspectives of some of the people I love, admire and respect. So I asked them all "what is the biggest lesson you have learnt as an adult?" 

Here are their responses. Read, enjoy but most importantly see what you can learn. 

"I've learnt not to judge people, especially friends or loved ones who are making choices we may not agree with. Give advice, be a listening ear but ultimately people have to make their own choices and live their lives how they choose. You can't get irritated or annoyed if they don't do things the way you would." - Female, 34-

"My biggest life lesson is coming to the realisation that I am in control over my own destiny." -Male, 35-

"Realising that you are as strong as YOU believe, and to always give thanks." -Female, 32-

"I've come to see that no one is really an adult. You never stop being a kid / teenager / young person. You just learn who you are and how to handle things better. You learn what matters to you and not to be concerned so much with what other people are doing. Learning what confidence really is and being secure in your own skin. Not being hard on yourself and taking the time to sit back and absorb things in the moment, before life passes you by. Life is short but at the same time it is long. Don't waste it waiting on things to happen." -Female, 34-

"I've learnt that things don't always go according to plan, so be prepared for that." -Male, 33-

"A lesson life has taught me is to not listen to your heart when making decisions, it can lead to a decision being made based on emotions, which can tend to be the wrong choice." -Female, 65-

"Learning not to totally value people's opinions and make decisions based on your goals and what makes you happy, is one of the biggest lessons I've learnt. I've also learnt that the closest people around you are not necessarily the ones you can trust." -Female, 32-

"I've learnt not to worry. Many of the the things we do absorb energy but are worse that useless - worry is a prime example. Worrying is never useful, when you find yourself worrying, you should either act and not worry or decide to not act and not worry. If we can act to avoid a bad fate or reduce its chance of happening - and the action is worthwhile -  then we should act and not worry. If, on the other-hand, we can not control or influence what will happen, then worrying will cause us distress and not help us: we should not act and not worry. Worries will always arise but we can do without them." -Male, 33-

"I've realised the importance of not being so focused or bogged down by peoples opinions of you or to be imprisoned by other peoples idea of what it should look like for you. Don't wait for other people to start your life and do the things that you want to do. The most important lesson to learn is what you think of yourself! Ask yourself - what is important to me and am I being fulfilled in my life? The power of knowing yourself. People, places and things are fleeting and they do not complete you. Family and friends are important as we can not do life alone. Always speak up and share your truth, which may be different to others." -Female, 33-

"I've learnt that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff! Stop worrying about every little detail and enjoy what you have and your journey. Try to find happiness in all that you do, and realise that you can't control every situation, sometimes just let things flow." - Female, 32- 

"There is no greater lesson to learn or quality to cultivate than the importance of equanimity (which mean, calmness and composure) in every situation, good and bad." -Male, 35-

Thank you to my family, friends and loved ones for sharing in this post. xx


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