ROW 1 - Mint Swimsuit | Floral Top & Bottoms | Pink Swimsuit | Yellow Top & Bottoms |        
ROW 2 - Floral Top & Bottoms | White Top & Bottoms | Black Top & Bottoms | Print Swimsuit |
ROW 3 - Orange Swimsuit | Floral Top & Bottoms | Stripped Swimsuit | Print Top & Bottoms |  
ROW 4 - Gingham Top & Bottoms | Black Swimsuit | Nude Top & Bottoms | Stripped Swimsuit |
If anything could make you want to take off all your clothes and lay in a bikini with a cool drink, it has gotta be this weather. It's actually so good I think we should just take a moment to appreciate it (pause). Moment taken, now lets get to the good stuff. I'm a sucker for ASOS swimwear, I'm a sucker for ASOS but you guys know that already. Every summer I buy a couple new bikinis so I thought I'd share the ones I'm loving and have (eeek, I buy bikinis all year round). I'm not, and will never be poolside with my make-up on, so you won't find any crazy frills, bling or cutouts in this post. But what you will find are some options that are flattering, gorgeous and versatile. I personally think these styles will suit almost all body shapes and because my sister has big boobies I've even picked a few with 'fuller bust' options. Which incidentally is one of the reasons I love ASOS, they take into consideration different body shapes and create variations of one style. So don't be disheartened if you see something and it's not in your go-to style, click on it and see if they have a mix and match option. Before I go, don't forget ladies your swimwear isn't just for swimming, mix it into your summer wardrobe - you can wear your swimsuit under your jeans or rock your bikini top as a crop top which is why I love all these styles sooo much. Oh, and all the swimsuits are £20 and under! Lets hope this weather sicks around for a while. xx


  1. the orange swimsuit is hot!!!! might order it just to try and wear as a top

  2. All are beautiful trendy and gives hot look to body along with offering a healthy swimming lifestyle.


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