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So you're a blogger yeah, an influencer, a public figure, a brand ambassador. But what does it really mean? This entire space is so saturated, everyone and their mother (not mine) is a blogger. So much so, being a 'blogger' isn't even a cool term anymore. People are coming up with all kinds of fancy pants names to describe this hustle, and that's what it is, a hustle. Your out here, usually on your own, working longer hours than you have probably ever dedicated to any 'real' job trying to carve out your own little space in an over populated market. If you don't stay relevant, there are always 100 other people ready to swoop in and take over your corner. Drug dealer references aside (I've been listening to JayZ, he inspires me) there are times I feel so disheartened and consider why the hell I'm doing this. It's seriously hard work with at times very little reward.

But then I receive so many messages from people telling me that I inspire them, asking for my opinion on things that go much further than fashion and using the information I share to make decisions in their lives. Me! It's crazy, because I feel far from inspirational. I just love clothes, styling them up and genuinely enjoy sharing my finds/life and interests with people. I just did something you could all do - I started a blog and I encourage you all to do the same if its ever been something you wanted to do. I wrote a post about starting a blog here and gave some tips to anyone considering taking the plunge. The main message I wanted to share was JUST DO IT! And that's still my message. But, do take a moment to consider what is motivating you to start. If it's money, you should quit while you're ahead. This is not a space to enter if money is on the agenda, it may come, eventually. But before that a lot of hard work, commitment and disappointment will probably be experienced first. Yeah it happens to some people that become overnight successes and have hundreds of thousands of followers in a matter of months. But, if you don't know your worth, being 'Instagram famous' is as good as owning the blue strip in Monopoly - it doesn't really mean anything

You have to know your value in this space. For me I'm committed to being authentic and sharing with my friends (that's you guys) things I stand behind. It's not easy though, as there are others who will push anything if it's free or gives them a coin. Now don't get me wrong, I know that everyone has to eat, but I'm out here trying to be the 'John Lewis' of influencers. A person in this space with core values, who strives to be honest, fair and most importantly for you - dependable. I'm always trying to look at things in the longer term and not the short-term gains. Because us bloggers do play an enormous role in the choices people make - which is no small responsibility. So I'm not here throwing shade, I just promise I will never knowingly be a sellout.

Speaking of shade though, lets bring race into the mix. Think about the top five bloggers (with a very large following) how many of them are people of colour? Actually, let me put it a different way. Name all the biggest influencers who come from an ethnic minority, you probably could because there aren't that many, especially in the UK. Now, name those who aren't - the list is endless right. You could argue that the content of those with a larger following is better, they work harder etc, etc. But trust me I've seen girls with content that is insane but have less than two thousand followers. What the reasons are who knows, most brands use the word 'diversity' and feature one black girl in their campaign mostly as part of a box ticking exercise. The word 'diversity' has actually just become a marketing strategy. I could write a dissertation on this topic because it's a sad fact that being a blogger and being brown there are as many glass ceilings as every other industry - possibly even more as we can transcend many different industries at once.

Like I'm here seriously considering starting a blogger union, I'm just trying to figure out how we would co-ordinate our strike days, lol. But all jokes aside, someone will probably start one because this space is still so new and it is so easy to be manipulated and taken advantage of by shady companies who want the world in exchange for a 20% coupon code. Thankfully that hasn't happened to me and in all honesty I've been quite fortunate in my journey. But I do sometimes think about the newbies or all the young people entering this space, with limited knowledge and experience and how easily they could be mistreated.

So, what am I saying? It may not be clear because all these thoughts and feelings came flooding out of me. But, I'm actually letting you know I love this space, the people I've met and the opportunities it has afforded me. But there is a darker side that is fake, unrealistic and unfair. So I guess I just want to share with you some of the things I've thought about, seen and experienced. Why, because I have this platform and I've vowed to myself to be a genuine as possible, even if it makes me a little uncomfortable. It's a space that is evolving and where it might go is the most interesting part. I'm here for it, I'm excited for it, to continue learning and growing organically and authentically as I can. xxx


  1. LOVED EVERY WORD. Truthful, honest and fiercely executed. Could not have said it better myself x

  2. Great Post! I'm a extremely new blogger but I told myself to DO IT! That lack of info I'm in that space right

  3. This is a great writeup, it really is important to stay true to yourself. Love the look too!


    1. Thank you - for your comment and taking the time to read xx

  4. I hear you girl. I HEAR YOU! ^ 👏🏾 Xxx


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