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One time my bank called me while at work to alert me to fraud happening on my account. FRAUD! I was appalled and determined to get to the bottom of it immediately - as I was currently in the process of making a purchase. So the lady talked me through each item that had been bought over a two day period. It quickly became clear that no fraud had taken place, but in actual fact I'd spent over £1,000 on clothes, shoes and random things. I remember speaking to the woman as I felt a wave of shame engulf me, I'd spent a silly amount of money on things that I really didn't need, let alone own anymore. Ok, I was young, had no real responsibilities and was earning good money. So my money was just there to spend, spend, spend - and spend I did.  

Since I've gotten older I've matured a little (plus bought a house) and I no longer play fast and loose with fashion. I had so many items of clothing that I didn't know what to wear half the time. I wasn't really into designer bags and all that jazz but I was well know in my local Zara and every other clothing shop for that matter. 

Since I've taken the plunge to work for myself, that huge disposable income is a thing of the past. And with just age in general I have become much more mindful about what I buy and the use I will get from every item. This all comes from someone who's pictures are a walking advert for the most current trends this season - ironic I know, but I'm going to let you into a few secrets for maximising your wardrobe and minimising your spending.

I live for basics, a basic to me is anything I will wear a lot as it is easily combined with other items. I used to be really crazy with my fashion sense and have lots of statement pieces but never just a plain tee. But the older I've gotten I've truly realised the power of a good basics. I've talked often about basics and these are things I will normally spend more money on. The amount of money to spend on basic is relative to the person. A £20 white tee may be expensive to one person and cheap to another. Basics aren't really about the price it's more to do with the amount of times you will wear one item. That being said, if you will wear something multiple times is usually better to buy something of a good quality, good quality usually means a higher price point. 

However sometimes basics can be affordable. These Molly jeans are a winter basic (for me) I've worn them countless times and love them. I recently got these coated jeans from Quiz and I'm very impressed. They fit really, really well which is the main reason I love the Molly jeans but at a different price point.

Think about the Cost Per Wear (CPW) I've written an entire post about this (here), so I won't go on too long. The reason I love basics is because I wear them so often so my CPW is low. But don't get sucked into buying items because they are cheap, unless it is something you will get a lot of wear out of.

An example: Zara had a long Navy coat for £140 that I had my eye on. It was very nice but Zara coats are very overpriced, two weeks later it was on sale. If you didn't know, Zara keep discounting sale items over time so I picked up the coat for £40!! This will be my third winter I wear that coat, I must have my CPW down to like 10p.

On the other hand I have a few designer shoes ranging between £350 to £800 I wear them so rarely that the CPW must be still in the hundreds. The point is, buy things you will get maximum wear out of. There is no point having a wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear. 

So despite what I've said about CPW and don't buy things because they are cheap. Sometimes a cheap item is exactly what you need, specifically for on trend pieces. Even though basics are life, what is on trend tends to be more exciting. I purchase three to five on trend items a season. I used to buy loads of on trend items and after a few months I didn't want them anymore. I've stopped making that mistake. For the summer just gone I got culottes, off the shoulder tops, red items and trainers. All of which I got a lot of wear out of and will take into this season, probably not the off the shoulder tops. 

Here are some examples of on trend items for a much more friendlier price:

So I'm really into vinyl this season, but I know it won't be something I will wear a lot. I wanted a vinyl skirt and I initially liked this one from H&M, but thought £25 is too much for something I may wear a handful of times. So I purchased one from Primark, it was £8 and does the job I need it to do. Since looking around I've found this one for £8 in the Miss Pap sale. I'm considering getting this instead, I love it!

Another trend I'm loving is check print, if you can't tell from this post, lol. The blazer I'm wearing has been very popular and whilst I really like it. I spotted this one in Bershka last week and I like it just as much, plus it's cheaper. 

Becuase something is cheaper/on sale, it doesn't automatically make in inferior. It just about knowing when to splurge and when to spend. It's also important to remember trends repeat themselves every season. So before you go to buy something have a look in your cupboard to see what you already have, or raid your brothers, bfs or any family member. I wear the boys clothes 50% of the time.  

Always shop around when making a purchase, especially when shopping with online stores as they all tend to stock similar things. Everything is made in China after-all. 

ASOS stocks other brands, so if your buying something from another brand Via ASOS always go to the brands site. For example: These shoes (here) are on sale on ASOS but also on sale on Missguided but half the price (here).

Update - Over night the price on Missguided changed as they took some sale items down and made them full price again, crazy. So now the ASOS pair are the better buy, plus ASOS gives you free returns and delivery. 

This is probably the craziest example, this kimono (here) is new in and £39 on Missy Empire but over on Misspap the same kimono is on sale and wait for it.... click the link (here) you won't even believe your eyes!! If that is not a good reason to shop around then I don't know what is.

If your going on holiday or have an event happening after a season ends, then it is a good time to plan ahead. If you have a beach holiday planned after September then check out the sales as everything from summer will be reduced. 

For example: You have a holiday to the Caribbean in the next few months. Get shopping now - finding summer stuff in the winter months is harder. Plus the sales might not be around at the time you look. I found this swimsuit for 99p, yep 99p I couldn't believe it myself. It might not be to everyones taste but if you like it, it comes in black too.

So thats all for now - as this post is getting a bit too long. But part two will be out next week, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime if you have any tips, feel free to share them below. xx


  1. I love this whole look! It's a classy casual type of thing and I love it!

  2. Definitely learnt a tip or two! Thanks girl! XX

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it - glad it was helpful xxx


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