aw17, asos, boohoo, checkblazer, pvc, vinyl, newlook, streetstyle, autumn, red, bloggerstyle, blogger aw17, asos, boohoo, checkblazer, pvc, vinyl, newlook, streetstyle, autumn, red, bloggerstyle, blogger
aw17, asos, boohoo, checkblazer, pvc, vinyl, newlook, streetstyle, autumn, red, bloggerstyle, blogger
aw17, asos, boohoo, checkblazer, pvc, vinyl, newlook, streetstyle, autumn, red, bloggerstyle, blogger
Blazer: Miss Selfridge | Tee: Boohoo | Vinyl Trousers: New Look | Boots: New Look | Bag: Zi & Luwa 

So you have come back for more, I don't blame you. The first instalment was pretty epic, if your reading this and haven't read part one what are you doing? - you can find it here. Before we get into the good stuff, it is only right that we acknowledge that it is October. October! can you even believe it, this year is flying by - it is officially cuffing season. Pahaha I do make myself laugh, I'm well and truly cuffed but if your not sure what I mean let Urban Dictionary explain. Anyway enough of my off topic rubbish, lets get back to business. 

I've shopped on Ebay and other kinds of websites that my sister would refer to as 'dodgy' for years. First things first Ebay isn't dodgy, my sister is the kind of person who doesn't follow any of my rules and would buy the Missy Empire kimono for £39. She proably wouldn't even go on Missy Empire and would have spent twice the amount in Zara. 

So, I've had some hits and misses with Ebay and similar sites but for the most part if you shop smart, read the reviews you will have mostly hits. Here is an example, everyone is selling tassel earrings I picked up these (here) for under £2. Over on H&M they are £9 (here), I currently have 3 pairs for less than the one pair on H&M. I've even managed to show my sister that Ebay isn't all bad and she picked up some shoes for my nephews that she would have spent five times the price on in store.

Check out charity shops and markets for bargain finds, my friend always finds TopShop jeans in charity shops for like 5 quid. Other sites like Depop are also great for buying new items, or something you really wanted but didn't manage to get your hands on. Just like Ebay, read the reviews or even message the seller for any questions. I often sell brand new, current season items for half price on my Depop.

Sometimes an on trend item could become a wardrobe staple. It is important to remember all the things I'm saying are relative to me. You might spend £60 on a pair of vinyl trousers and wear them non-stop. Me on the other hand, I will probably get rid of mines before next summer. Whatever works for you, just aim to spend your money wisely. 

I was recently gifted this red coat from New Look. It is a very nice red coat and I will wear it and enjoy it, but I honestly don't think I would have bought it myself. Not because I don't like it, but because I don't think it will have any longevity in my wardrobe. The old me may have bought it in three colours - it is very nice in mustard. Coats are items I will spend money on as I keep them for a long period of time. This red coat on the other hand I love! it's more expensive but is 51% wool and is timeless while being very on trend. 

Save things to your favourites - I have an ongoing list of faves on different websites. When a sale of discount happens I click that love heart button and see if that product is there 

Follow your favourite brands - Most brands release discount codes and sales first via social media

Leave it in your basket - You have to be signed in or have an account for this one. But if you leave something in your basket and don't buy it. Some brands will email you a discount code as an incentive to purchase 

Mid week shop - Wednesday is a good day for shopping, probs because it's hump day and people do a little retail therapy to cheer themselves up. Lots of retailers do promos and discounts on Wednesdays and the days following, possibly to get people ready for the weekend

Keep the tags on - I have a new rule that I don't pop the tags until I actually wear an item out. Why - because I've previously popped tags because I 'love' an item. Two weeks later it's still in the bag and the love ain't so strong, keep your tags on for returns or even for re-selling 

Keep your receipts - This goes hand in hand with not poppin your tags. Most retailers have a 28 day refund policy, ain't no shame in the returning game

Sign up to Premier - If your one of those people that is too lazy to return but shops online. Sign up to any 'Premier' type accounts a brand has. I shop on ASOS all the time and I also have ASOS Premier. It costs £9.95 per year which gets you free next day delivery, plus a courier will come and collect returns from your home/work. The next day delivery has saved my life so many times for last minute gifts or wardrobe emergencies. Plus the money I spent on the premier account paid its self off in under a month because half my family shop on the account - lol

Collect them points - Lots of online retailers have a points system in place, obviously ASOS is my fave for this. You get a point for every pound you spend which eventually turns into money to spend on their website. Becuase ASOS sells so many brands sometimes it is better to buy with them to gain the point - this is best to do on new in items as they will be the same price on both sites

All that being said, doing what I do it is necessary to have new things. I'm very fortunate that I have been gifted a lot of clothing. But even with the stuff I am gifted I still tend to pick basics and items I know I will get a lot of wear out of. But yeah, remember that when your looking at your favourite girlies online with endless amazing outfits. Some of their items while they may be fabulous they may also have been free. There is nothing wrong with it (I am one of those girls) and it is most deff a perk of the job, but don't go broke buying everything. I've said it once and I will say it 100 times, live within YOUR means. xx

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