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Jeans: Newlook (similar) | Top: H&M | Boots: Inthestyle | Sunglasses: Ebay 
So the saying better late than never comes to mind right now. I'm only like a solid 2.5 weeks late to say it over here but, Happy New Year beautiful people! I hope 2018 is treating you well so far. I've neglected my blog and have well and truly been a bad blogger. Initially it was because the weather left me uninspired. Then it was the holiday period so I took some time off, and then I did a little course (more on that later) and have been focusing on that. But I'm back, not so much with a bang as this is the most basic AF outfit - but it's so me, basic but never boring.

I asked you guys over on Instagram what you would like to see more of this year and I plan to take the feedback on board. I want to continue shaking things up on the blog in 2018 sharing more and I hope more often. I opened 2017 saying that 'this was the year of being real and facing fears', it really was. I said I was making myself uncomfortable, and I really did. I'm really proud of some of the content I created last year and the topics I spoke out on. I change my whole writing style in 2017, well tbh I wrote how I've always wanted to write - but just been scared to.  I'm so glad I did, I'm so excited for what is in-store this year, both personally and professionally. But not just for me, for my family and friends. I have this feeling that this will be a great year for so many people I know in so many different ways and I'm excited!

I've seen this picture floating around Instagram with these words.

2016: The Caterpillar
2017: The Cocoon
2018: The Butterfly  

I've already been really honest on here and said that 2016 wasn't my year and I really believe it was my year as a caterpillar. 2018 I'm ready for ya! To flutter and flounce my butterfly wings all over you, who's flying with me? L xx

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