deichmann, faux fur, thighhighs
deichmann, faux fur, thighhighs

New Year, New Me, or so the saying goes. But what if you like the old you and if anything just want to make some small alterations? So I'm saying scratch that, it's all about New Year, MORE ME! Because, well why the hell not, plus you gotta be YOUR biggest fan. If I'm wearing a cute outfit I already feel ten times better. For some people it's make up, others it's hair but for me it is clothes. Like you guys already know by now I am hair LAZY! One scroll through my feed you will see that the boy has more hairstyles than me (sad but true). I do love makeup, but I'm super basic and kinda prefer to keep it natural. But clothes, man I love em. My fashion sense is constantly evolving. I used to love bright colours and statement pieces when I was younger. But as I've gotten older longevity and wear-ability are things I look for. But this year I want to be a little bit more adventurous, bring back a bit of the old me and wear different looks I wouldn't normally wear on a daily basis.

deichmann, faux fur, thighhighs

How many times have you saved an item or a look for an 'occasion'? As a kid my mum ingrained this habit into me that some clothes are just for special occasions aka church. As I've gotten older that way of thinking stuck with me. I had clothes for work, others for play and then special ones for occasions. You know those 'occasions' in the day time that's not a wedding, but something formal-ish that you need a better than work but not as far as going to the club outfit. Yeah, those occasions. But when said occasion come around you have forgotten that look or in usual British fashion the weather is playing silly beggars. I have so many clothes for those occasions that I never wear.

deichmann, faux fur, thighhighs, knee high boots
Coat: H&M | Boots: Deichmann | Bag: H&M
Despite my love of fashion I place so many restrictions on myself. I will buy some thigh high boots and then tell myself, oh no Louise you can't wear them in the day time, (regardless of the fact I got them for that exact reason). Ermm yeah you can! And the faux fur, plus throw in a red lip for good measure. Because, my reality is that some weeks the most special occasion is a trip to Ikea and a baby class with my nephews. So I have quite literally decided that if I want to rock thigh highs and leopard print coat to grab a coffee (see picture for reference) then I will bloody well do so. And if your other half detests said coat (yep, he did) just look at him and tell him. New year, more me babe. xx

This post is in collaboration with Deichmann, but all thoughts and opinions are my own 

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  1. Omg I love ❤️ this!! It's so true..... exactly what I think


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