We arrived in Copenhagen on a Saturday afternoon, we caught the 11am flight from Luton. I've never understood people that catch 6am flights - to seize the day and all that rubbish. I'm just exhausted before I've even got into the country, as you gotta be up in the middle of the night to get to the airport. Long! So yeah just another one of my unnecessary stories to tell you that the 11am flight was great and got us into the city with plenty of time to explore.

From the airport we walked straight through to the metro and caught a train to our location. We stayed in a placed called Norreport, which is very, very central. The train took about 15 minutes and was easy to understand and use. Our train ticket cost about £4 for the journey.

Flights & Accommodation:
We flew with Ryan Air and our flights cost £24! Crazy I spend more money on my foundation.

We traveled as a group of 4 girls and rented this Airbnb apartment. It was am great sized, modern apartment only a few minutes walk from Norreport Station - I can definitely recommend it.

By the time we had dropped our bags and taken a cheeky nap, we set off to find the colorful houses. Our location was so good that we could have walked, but decided to catch the metro two stops instead. The area I discovered on arrival is called Nyhavn. It was bustling, people sat in restaurants and bars or on the side of the canal, eating, drinking and socialising. The weather was lovely the entire time which was fantastic, this is the spot to head to for canal tours.

Next on our list was Christiania, a "free town" or hippie commune, if you will. On entrance their are rules, which include no photography as weed is sold openly. I will be honest I didn't like it on first arrival, it felt seedy and the majority of the people (selling drugs) looked liked they belonged to organised crime groups. But, I stuck around and I was glad I did so. Behind all madness is a beautiful walking trail that follows the canal. Some of the houses literally looked like something out of a story book, all built by the people who live there. I didn't go for the weed, which is no doubt what makes this place so popular, so I can't comment on that, but I recommended it for the sights.

As we left Christiania we came across a Thai restaurant called Cafe Loppen. It wasn't where we intended to eat, but we were all very happy we ended up in there. The food was authentic, very tasty and affordable. Because we are basically all old women our plans to go out ended up with us buying some tea bags (which incidentally where very hard to find) and drinking tea. Oh how things have changed. We did have a reservation for somewhere in the Meatpacking District, but the call of our beds was much stronger.

This was my favorite day because it involved food. We rode around the city on electric bikes, which was so much fun and a great way to see the sites such as Tivoli Gardens and The Little Mermaid. We also discovered (after riding around thinking we had gone really far), that Stroget, a popular street for shopping, was a 5 minute walk from our apartment. We had basically rode around in a circle.
We headed to Torvehallerne - a food market and worked our way around the stalls trying a selection of foods from different vendors. This is a great place to eat and drink and buy tasty gifts for friends and family. We concluded our Sunday evening in La Fontaine, a Jazz bar which was also walking distance from our apartment. The vibe was super relaxed, the music was good and the wine was very cheap.

We had an afternoon flight back to London, so packed up and headed out to explore the shops, get brunch and take in the sights for one last time. We then took the metro back to the airport and arrived back in Luton by 3pm. I had a lovely time in Copenhagen, it was just a super chilled few days with friends. The city is very beautiful it reminded me of a bunch of different places I've been too. I would return again in the summer months as I could image the vibes would be great.

Random things 
They have a system in place for plastic bottles - you are charged more for a bottle of water if you haven't recycled the old one. These recycling spots are in supermarkets, we never got to use them as it was explained to us too late.

The Metro is driver-less - there are no barriers and not much staff in the stations. Tickets are bought (or not) from a machine and tickets only last for a few hours.

People say Copenhagen is expensive -  If you live in London and are used to London prices, it's no big difference. That being said I'm always of the thinking that anywhere is as expensive as you make it.

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