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It seems as though every blog post is not quite a blog post unless it begins with me apologising for my absence. Recently I've felt as though I can only come and write on here for some deep and meaningful reason. And because I haven't been feeling very deep or meaningful of late, I haven't blogged and I feel kinda crappy. Endless days have gone by in which I sit down to write and I use every distraction possible to avoid writing, like it's some chore. But it's not, and now I'm writing this the writer in one side of my head is giving the rest of my head a good telling off. My fingers are loving the process, like literally, they are ecstatic and my mind is so happy - why have I put this off for so long?

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I know why, its name is Instagram. Blogging has become something that involves a lot of hard work but has very little reward. Instagram and its instantaneous approval of my content has made me loose sight of what I was truly passionate about in the first place, blogging! I remember when I started my blog Instagram wasn't important to me. My blog lead and instagram followed, somewhere far in the background. But thats all changed. I was talking to someone the other day and trying to figure out if I have an instagram that is accompanied by my blog, or a blog that is accompanied by an instagram account. I'm not sure myself most days.

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The instant gratification that is experienced through Instagram, makes it so easy to give blogging the back seat. I may get a couple thousand views a month on my blog in comparisons to the couple thousand likes a day I get via Instagram. I don't want to be that person just doing it for the likes, but it's hard not to when instagram is just so, well, instant. But that's not why I started out on here, that's not why I began this journey. My blog is my baby, I really love it, albeit there has been some neglect of late (hides face) but I feel like I now know why. In writing this I've had a moment of clarity, I'm aware! I know why I've not been blogging, I've let the numbers distract me. When I started on here I had zero instagram followers yet I continued to blog. I wrote blog posts when I didn't even have any views, I just continued to blog. The point I'm making is the numbers didn't matter then, and so they shouldn't now. I just need to continue to blog and so I bloody well will even if it's not deep or meaningful, that's not what this space is always about anyways. Is blogging dead? Of course not, as long as I (and you) keep it alive. xx  

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  1. Diamond Divani22 June 2018 at 06:41

    Love this! I am literally struggling with this process as well as procrastination. Social Media is literally taking over and getting in the way lol. This post speaks life, lol

    1. Thank you, for reading and commenting. I totally agree, so glad you enjoyed. xx


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