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Last month was one, that like so many tragic events that have happened I will never forget where I was when I found out. Hearing that people have died is terrible, when it's an adult it's sad but (and I may only speak for myself here) when it doesn't directly impact you it is easy to remove yourself from the situation and move on.

The loss of children is something that words can not describe, if you have been following me and reading my ramblings, you will know by now I'm in love with my sisters babies and have experienced a love I never knew before - and I'm not a mother. My heart breaks and goes out to those parents, families and friends who have lots loved ones last month. I can't even begin to understand their devastation. My sister said, 'so much love, energy and effort has gone into that little life to be wasted,' the reality of that made me so sad to hear. I've never been taught hatred in any form, and don't understand people who do.

I know it's a scary world, but it's also truly bloody beautiful. We are all humans, different in appearance but one and the same. Seeing how people have come together, united as one and still so full of love is inspiring. Love is powerful, the ability to heal, grow, forgive and ultimately move on is the beauty of humanity and the reason we will always keep going, no matter what. xx


  1. Could not have said it better myself! Such a heart felt post x

    1. Appreciate that so much Mish ❤️❤️


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